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I am the son of Francis Nicodemus Rebello born in 1893, and the grandson of Francis Rebello born in 1852, the great grandson of Frederick Rebello born in approx 1825 and great-great grandson of Francisco Rebello born in approx 1800.
I worked for the R.M.S, Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department, in Madras, India and retired from service in 1980.
I migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1989 to join five of my children and their families who had migrated earlier, apart from one son who is settled in Mississauga, Canada.
It was after I migrated to Australia that I happened to see a Family Tree prepared by Wilfred Fernandez (1905) son of Charles Fernandez (1859) and realised that my grandfather had brothers and sisters that I was never aware of.
It was then that I decided to get more details regarding my ancestors and relatives resulting in the compilation of
a" Rebello Family Tree".
About Me:
My sincere apologies for any errors or omissions, I request those persons to please help me make the necessary amendments by providing me with the details or names and addresses of anyone who can be of help.
I also request anyone with objections to having their details displayed to please contact me and I would ensure their details are removed and not displayed.
Comments and suggestions are most welcome and greatly appreciated.
Charles J Rebello.
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This site is mainly for the display of the "Rebello Family Tree" particularly for reference by the members of our large "Rebello" family. I have tried to collect as much details as possible, unfortunately I was unable to contact members of some families to provide me their details to make it more complete and accurate. With the information provided, I hope future generations will be able to know their roots and continue to update details regarding their own families for their reference.
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